• 1. Please call your representative and ask them to sign the letter.

    In a major assault on vulnerable asylum-seekers, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently issued a ruling instructing immigration judges to deny any and all asylum claims based on fear of domestic abuse or gang violence. The Trump administration’s cruel crackdown is slamming a door in the face of women and youth who’ve come to our country in search of protection.

    WOLA’s closest allies in Congress have authored a letter to Attorney General Sessions, demanding that the administration STOP defying decades of U.S. court rulings and our obligations under international law, and UPHOLD the rights of asylum-seekers. The letter specifically demands that Sessions reverse his June 11 ruling that makes those fleeing gang-related and domestic violence ineligible for asylum, as well as the July 12 ruling that instructs asylum officers to immediately deny all domestic violence and gang-related violence claims as a matter of course.

    2. What to say.

    "Hi, my name is [your name] and I'm a constituent from [your town/city]. I'm calling because I would like Rep. [name of representative] to sign onto a letter demanding that Attorney General Sessions reverse recent policies undermining the right to asylum for victims of gang and domestic violence. The letter is being circulated by Congressman McGovern, Congresswoman Torres, Congressman Pocan, and Congresswoman Delauro. Thank you for your time.”

    3. What to expect.

    You will likely talk to a Congressional staffer or intern dedicated to constituent services. They will take down your name, opinion, and relay that information to your representative. Most offices keep track of the number of constituents that call about specific issues.